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Topaz KT120
Now using my newly developed modified Pi wound output transformers for fully balanced DC resistance, AC impedance, and low distortion.
The new output transformers now measure 20hz to 20khz +/-0.1db.
What this means to you is the output tansformers are not a limiting factor so no design compromises are needed to compensate.
Transformers used in some sub $3K amplifier can measure as poorly as 20hz to 20khz +/- 5db. In these cases, massive circuit design compromises need to be made just to achieve barely acceptable sonic and measured results.

Price for Topaz KT120 as pictured above $2545.00 (built on optional Jarrah Chassis)

Standard model with Tung-sol 6SL7's and Tasmanian Oak Chassis is $2495.00

Based on the Topaz EL34 circuit, the KT120 version runs larger power supply featuring a 900va power transformer and dual rectifiers.

Price for Topaz KT120 as pictured above $2545.00 (Shown with optional Jarrah Chassis)


Power Output - 45 watts per channel pure class A

Frequency response  -3db - 6hz to >50khz

Signal to Noise - >90db A Weighted

Signal to Hum - >80db

Distortion - <0.05% at 1 watt rms (Typically 0.02%)

Hum Level - <3.0 millivolt

Sensitivity - 500mV

Input impedance - 100K

Inputs  4

Speaker output 8 ohm (6 to 12 ohm is fine)

Damping Factor >6 (20hz to 20khz 8 ohm)

Weight ~22kg (~49lb)

Dimensions 440mm x 370mm x 220mm  (width x depth x height)

Can also run KT88, KT90, KT100, 6550, EL34, 6CA7, KT77 type output tubes.

Price for Topaz KT120 as pictured above $2545.00

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