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Topaz Duo KT150 monoblocks
Coming early 2014
Price $5995.00

Due to the recent release of the Tung-sol KT150 output tube, the Topaz Duo now runs KT150's

KT150 Class A self biasing push-pull monoblocks.

The Topaz Duo is built on two mirrored chassis.
Uses modified Pi wound output transformers for fully balanced DC resistance, and AC impedance, which equals very low distortion and exceptional frequency response. Secondary windings are made up of 18 layers of 0.25mm wire interleaved within the primary windings.
Runs separate over sized high voltage (600VA) and heater (125VA) power transformers.
CMC Teflon valve sockets, paper in oil coupling capacitors, CDM (Cornell Dubilier Mallory) & Philips cathode capacitors, Vishay thick film bias resistors,
English high voltage copper hook up wire and solid copper core signal wire, CMC speaker binding posts.
Transformers manufactured using Australian magnet wire, Australian and Japanese laminations, English and New Zealand bobbins, Australian made covers.
Chassis tops are Australian laser cut 2mm stainless steel (1.2mm SS bottom plates).


Power Output - over 45 watts per channel pure class A

Frequency response  -3db - 6hz to >75khz

Signal to Noise - >90db A Weighted

Signal to Hum - >80db

Distortion - <0.1% at 1 watt rms (Typically 0.05%)

Hum Level - <3.0 millivolt

Sensitivity - 500mV

Input impedance - 100K

Inputs  1

Speaker output 8 ohm (6 to 12 ohm is fine)

Damping Factor >6 (20hz to 20khz 8 ohm)

Weight ~20kg (~44lb) per monoblock.

Dimensions 440mm x 370mm x 220mm  (width x depth x height) per monobloc

Can also run KT88, 6550, KT90 and KT100 type output tubes.

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