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Time Machine 45 / 2A3-SE
Time Machine 2A3-PP
Time Machine Duo
Time Machine 300B-SE
The Time Machine 300B is our flagship amplifier.

Above shown with Shuguang 300BS-B, Svetlana 5U4g rectifier and Tung-sol 6SN7 small signal tubes.

PRICE $2995.00 with Shuguang Globe 300B, Tung-sol 6SN7 small signal tubes and JAN Cetron 5R4wgb or Svetlana 5U4g rectifier tube.
Now built on larger chassis with Teflon tube sockets and upgraded power supply.

The Time Machine is a stereo (two-channel) amplifier rated at 9 watts per channel into 8 ohms. It is comprised of two main stages: the input stage and the output stage. The input stage can have a big impact on the sound quality of an amplifier, and good quality driver vacuum tubes should be used. This is why some of the best current production 6SN7’s are included. The output stage of the Time Machine is a standard self-biasing setup that, whilst not giving maximum output, gives maximum reliability. It also avoids the use of silicon diodes in the bias network. This is then coupled to custom wound output transformers (the heart and soul of every valve amplifier). Every output transformer is painstakingly wound by myself to exacting specifications. The TM300B output transformers are wound with 18 layers of parallel 0.25mm secondary windings interleaved within the primary windings to offer a level of detail and micro detail only found in very few amplifiers.

The Time Machine represents a state of the art “Low-Tech” high-end vacuum tube amplifier that is affordable, and can be used to glorify the beauty and passion of recorded music in one's home.


Power Output - 9 watts per channel

Frequency response -3db - 8hz to 55khz

Separation - > 55db

Signal to Noise - > 90db

Signal to Hum - > 70db

Distortion - < 0.2% at 1.0 watt

Hum Level - < 2.0millivolt

Sensitivity - 700mV

Inputs - 4

Speaker output - 8 ohm (6 to 10ohm)

Damping factor >4.0 20hz to 20khz 8 ohms

Weight ~20kg (~44lb)

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