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Customer Testimonials


Hi Earle,
I just thought I'd email to let you know how pleased I am with the Time Machine. This is the 3rd 300b amp I've used, and the best. It is not so quiet as R** W********* D** design, but to me once the music is playing that is not an issue, the TM is just more satisfying. I don't like to break it down, but whereas before I was starting to lose interest in music and watch more TV, now I get up and switch on to listen before going to work in the morning as well as in the evenings. I may be being unfair to R**'s amps, it could have been an impedance mismatch or just a lower input sensitivity, but whatever, the TM doesn't suffer from it.

NB, WAF also high, no complaints about buying another amp !!
thanks, Charles

Greetings Earle, this dispatch is coming to you from one happy man. this is the last amp I will own! it is simply quite stunning. Its always hard to evaluate an amp when its not in your rig but once I had managed to get it into my system and started to listen the first thing to come to mind is this, .the transparency of this amp is phenomenal. The tweaker was a nice introduction to simple unprocessed sound of minimalist valve circuits but the time machine is a rude awakening (a welcome one at that), the term 'lifting the veil" now makes perfect sense.(I'm starting to use the lingo, HELP!), the music is laid bare for
all to see. What have I been missing all these years! Chris. (300B Time machine)

Hi Earle, Just like to say again that it's so true about your creations that if you listen to music they spoil you for a lifetime, thanks for the music Earle. David. (300b Time Machine)

Dear Earle,
I have set up the amp, and she is going well, sounds really good. In fact hearing things never before heard on my records & CDs.
Thanks Phil (KT88 Tempest)

Hi Earle,
Well my KT66pp is just sounding better and better as the valves get more hours on them. Amazing. Female vocals are especially insane ā€“ they blow everyone away that has heard them.
Iā€™m completely amazed at the bass ā€“ much more than my reasonably good Onkyo amp. I expected the valve amp to have much less. I disconnect my separate subwoofer when listening to music now.
Richard (KT66 Tranquillity)

Perry. (Time Machine, Marantz DV4500, Fostex back loaded horns)

Hi Earle.
I received the amp yesterday,... the sound of the TM is good, warm, good to listen, and really no hum or very little. I wonder if I change the 300B to TJ, don't know how the sound improve?. Compare to E*r 509, each one has its own sound, but E*r is nearly $15000.00, while your amp is $3000.00
Cheers, Le (Time Machine 300b)

Dear Earle,
I am just writing to thank you for the amps which arrived today.
As for the change, (tweaker -300B) well subtle doesn't actually cover it. STUNNING! is a word that comes to mind. You have completely transformed these amps. They work beautifully with my cheap (Dale-Vishay) passive attenuator. The music on all tracks has tremendous emotion. You can almost see Eric Clapton's body move (Just One Night 1980) Its the same for all the music I have tried this evening. The treble is super sweet, detailed and life like. Vocals, sax etc all burst into life. I knew that a 300B was good. I now fully understand. Infact the passive works so well with both the Coral 4A-70 and Lowther PM7a that I will consider just keeping a passive pre. This in itself is a measure of the improvement Thanks for the great packing, I will keep this packing very carefully because I will be hanging on to this gear for a very long time. I have been into hifi since 1978. I cannot remember ever making such a significant single change to my stereo system and all for such relatively small cost.
Howard. (Octal based single ended mono blocks re-built to 300B mono blocks using Time Machine parts and circuit)

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