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Weston Acoustics Current Price List including GST.

Valid from 01/01/19

Touchstone pre-amplifier    $2495.00 5U4g rectifier and 2 x 6SN7 driving stepped output transformers.

TM-Pre 2A3 pre-amplifier    $3495.00 Shuguang 2A3's, Tung-sol 6SL7's, headphone and speaker outputs. Remote included.

TM-Pre 300B pre-amplifier   $5995.00 300B dual mono preamplifier driving stepped output transformer volume control. Remote included. Large chassis 620mm x 450mm


Troubadour 6L6                $1495.00 (6L6gc with 20wpc output. Now using Electro Harmonix 6L6gc output tubes)

Troubadour 350                $1795.00 (Gold Lion KT66 output tubes, upgraded internals 20wpc. Walnut chassis)

Topaz  6CA7 (EL34)           $2295.00 (6CA7 output tubes)

Topaz KT120                    $2795.00 (Class A KT120 amp over 40wpc , dual rectifiers)

Topaz Duo KT150             $5995.00 (Class A KT150 monoblocks)

Tempest                          $3995.00 (High powered KT88/KT120 amp over 70wpc )

Tempest Duo                   $6995.00 (High powered KT120 monoblock amplifiers over 100wpc )

Time machine 45 / 2A3SE  $2995.00 (Shuguang 2A3. Tung-sol 6SL7)

Time machine 300BSE       $3495.00 (Shuguang Globe 300B, Tung-sol 6SN7, JAN Cetron 5R4wgt rectifier)

Time Machine 2A3PP         $3995.00 (Shuguang 2A3c, Tung-sol 6SN7, Svetlana 5U4g)

Time Machine Duo             $6995.00 (300B push-pull monoblocks. Shuguang Globe 300B, Tung-sol 6SN7, JAN Cetron 5R4wgt rectifier)

Artisan KT150                 $7995.00 (Dual mono class A KT150 push-pull amplifier. Upgraded components and large 620mm x 450mm chassis)

Artisan 300B                   $9995.00 (Dual mono parallel single ended 300B amplifier. The ultimate 300B experience.

(All amplifiers purchased to order carry a 5 year warrantee, excluding valves. New valves carry a 90 days warrantee and old stock are guaranteed not to be dead on arrival)
NOTE:***Using new valves in Chinese manufactured equipment voids 90 day warranty***

All amplifiers have 8-ohm speaker output only. Other impedances available by request dual impedance add $100.00
Remote volume available for most intergrated amplifiers. +$325.00 using bent metal remote and Alps blue velvet motorised attenuator.

Small Signal Valves

12AX7 EH             $29.00ea

6SL7 Tung-sol       $59.00 ea

6SN7 Tung-sol       $49.00 ea

Rectifier Valves

5Z4p (5AR4=)     $20.00 ea

5R4 JAN Cetron   $45.00 ea

5U4g Winged C   $45.00 ea

Output Valves (sold in matched quads)

6L6gc EH                       $150.00 matched quad

KT66 Gold Lion               $290.00 matched quad

6CA7 EH                        $150.00 platiinum matched quad

KT120 Tung-sol              $345.00 platiinum matched quad

KT150 Tung-sol              $595.00 platinum matched quad.

2A3C Shuguang             $225.00 per matched pair.

300B Chinese Globe     $375.00 per matched pair.

Shipping costs with TNT couriers are;
VIC $75.00
NSW, SA, Southern QLD, $85.00
Far North QLD, NT, WA $115.00

International. Please email for quote.

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